Based on the procedure implemented, applying the provisions of Articles 15 and 93 of the Law on Aircraft of BiH, pursuant to the Rulebook on Determining Technical Requirements and Administrative Procedures Regarding Flight Operations, issued a Certificate of Air Operator (AOC) to Fly Bosnia, .

With the issuance of the AOC and its related solution, the operator of Fly Bosnia is authorized to perform commercial air transport operations of passengers, goods and mail.

Issuing an Air Operator Certificate is one of the most complex processes and procedures implemented by BHDCA. In accordance with its competencies, BHDCA has provided Fly Bosnia support, assistance and understanding in order for the company to meet all the required conditions for issuing Certificates and commencement of operations.

According to the Acting Director-General of BHDC Željko Travar, the issuance of AOC and the start of the operations of a company are very important, both for the company itself and the aviation authority, and for each country in general, the development of civil aviation. "BHDCA will continue to provide support and assistance to the company with the aim of developing civil aviation in BiH and maintaining the achieved level of flight safety"