EYOF 2019

It is an honor and a pleasure to greet you today and welcome the press conference. As you know, FlyBosnia is a new airline based in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we are happy to be recognized at the very beginning as a new, young and dynamic airline that will surely additionally connect Sarajevo with world destinations.

We are proud to be part of the organization of a large event such as Eyof. This is our first flight with passengers and we are happy that this year is closely related to partnership with young and enthusiastic people, and it is a great honor to bring the flame of peace back to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With Eyof and our first flight, we will present ourselves as a company that will always be socially and socially aware, which will support good and useful projects, give young people the opportunity to show what they know and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the most beautiful light.

The first flight of the FlyBosnia airline will be in the sign of Eyofa and we are immensely proud of the whole project, and we want to bring only good news from Sarajevo and we bring new, world-class projects to Sarajevo.

Thanks again for everyone, and we hope for future nice cooperation.