Fly to Mostar

Mostar. It all starts after seeing the beautiful picture of the „Old Bridge“ – dating from 16th century, Ottoman-style and the most notable architectural landmark stretching across the saphire blue Neretva river.

A small city surrounded with forested mountains takes its name from the bridge keepers, the Mostari, who guarded it. The streets from both sides of the bridge are lively and abound with many restaurants, gift and coffee shops, and all set in a beautiful mixture of the pre-Ottoman, eastern Ottoman, Mediterranean and western European arhitecture.

Diving off the bridge is an old tradition performed by the locals during month of July every year, where few brave ones dare to jump in this beauty's fast current and chilly water.

If you decide to „hide away“ and enjoy a delicious Bosnian coffee or tea, make sure to wander into garden area with fountain taps outside of Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque. However, if you enter the mosque and even climb the narrow winding staircase in the minaret you'll get the chance to enjoy an amazing view of Mostar and the Old Bridge.

Only 40 km outside of Mostar you'll discover Kravice Waterfalls – around 25 metres high, the waterfalls cascade into a stunning emerald coloured lake. On your way back is a must to stop at a small village of Blagaj and Blagaj Tekija, which is considered to be one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most holy and ancient sites. It's also known as the Dervish Monastery. Stunning half-timbered tekke rests beside the fast-flowing Buna River, which spills out of a darkened cliff-cave.

Whether you have just a few hours or a few days, the beauty of Mostar makes it worth it!