FLYBOSNIA winner of the "New Business of the Year" award

Sarajevo Business Forum – International Investor Conference is organized by the BBI Bank tenth year in row, in cooperation with Islamic Development Bank and other partners, under auspices of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each year, a special "New Business of the Year" is awarded.

This year's winner of the "New Business of the Year" is FLYBOSNIA airline.

"This award acknowledges the significant investment, effort and dedication on the part of the Shareholders and Team at FLYBOSNIA. We are all extremely proud of our achievements and most appreciative of the formal recognition. We continue to work tirelessly towards full launch, where we will aim to connect the people and the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, via direct, affordable flights to select destinations in Europe and the Middle East."

"May we also take this opportunity to thank the BiH Government, Authorities, Ministers, Officials, Sarajevo Airport, our Premium Partners and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina for their support and confidence in FLYBOSNIA - One Team, One Goal!", said Chris Gabriel, CEO of FLYBOSNIA.

The business and investment conference this year will be held between April 17 and 19, 2019. More than 1.000 entrepreneurs attend this conference every year, coming from both public and private sector, and more than 30 different countries, including political leaders from the Balkans and worldwide.