MEDIA RELEASE - 04.03.2019

FLYBOSNIA is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent for an additional three Airbus A319 Aircrafts to be delivered progressively over coming quarters. These aircrafts will enable FLYBOSNIA to progressively expand destination coverage as it builds to a planned fleet of eight aircrafts by 2023.

"We have made significant progress in confirming airport slots in preparation for the upcoming launch of scheduled flights, and are also working to confirm select charter flightsfrom the numerous charter requests we have received to date", said Chris Gabriel, CEO of FLYBOSNIA. "We are currently recruiting a further crew and ramping up training to ensure we deliver on our promise to connect Bosnia and Herzegovina with select destinations in Europe and the Middle East via direct flights."

"From the time of booking your travel to the moment you return home, it is our mission to make your travel experience unforgettable."

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