New direct flights to the Middle East

FLYBOSNIA airline continues to expand its network of flights with new, direct flights to the Middle East.

In addition to direct flights to Kuwait and Riyadh, on June 11 FLYBOSNIA is introducing a direct flight to Al-Qassim and on June 15 a direct flight Sarajevo – Jeddah – Sarajevo.

FLYBOSNIA will be flying to Al-Qassim and Jeddah once a week.

Jeddah is the second largest city only to Riyadh and the largest port in Saudi Arabia. Given its proximity to the holly Islamic city of Makkah, it is primarily used as a port for the needs of Makkah.

Al-Qassim, situated in the heart of the country, is the richest region per capita in Saudi Arabia. It is the seventh most populated region in the country after Jizan and fifth by population density. It has more than 400 cities, villages and Bedouin settlements, ten of which are recognized as governorates.

By making new destinations available to our passengers, FLYBOSNIA is proud to be able to increase the number of tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a very interesting tourist destination with exceptional natural beauty, cultural and historical amenities, and favorable climate conditions.

All further details and flight booking are available at our website and social network accounts.