Herzegovina tour

Herzegovina is a historical and geographical region located in the southern 20 percent of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The day starts with a drive from Sarajevo to Mostar which is considered to be the most picturesque drive in the whole country. Our first stop is the biggest city in Herzegovina, the city of Mostar which is mostly known for its Old Town built during the Ottoman era and of course the most famous bridge in all of the Balkans – The Old Bridge above Neretva river.

Our trip continues to the real Herzegovina gem – Blagaj. Enjoy the view of the source of river Buna which is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. Impressed by its beauty, Ottomans build a Tekke (Dervish house) on a cliff next to it.

Our last place on this trip is a town of Pocitelj which was built on a rocky cliff on the back of Neretva river. First mentioned in 1444, this fortified town is a real mix of Mediterranean and Ottoman influence. Travel back in time looking at the medieval defense forts dominating the high cliffs.