Sarajevo is well known for its saddest period in history – the siege of Sarajevo in the 90`s. This tour takes you to the Tunnel of Life which was built during the siege in 1993 to serve as the only way in and out of the city and therefore served as a connection of Sarajevo with the rest of the country. Learn all about the immense significance of the Tunnel which was built under the airport. Who built it and how, what was it used for and many more questions not only about the role of the Tunnel itself but also about the life in a city under siege will be answered. This is a must do tour in Sarajevo!



Welcome to the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcome to Sarajevo!

Built on the banks of Miljacka river, for centuries the Jewel of the Balkans was in the middle of international crossroads making it a hub for trade and a melting pot of cultures, religions and traditions.

During this tour our guide will take you on a journey through time, a journey you are guaranteed to remember. Walking through the alleys of the Ottoman quarter and its markets where each street has a story to tell.

Stand at the very corner from which world history was made across from the Latin Bridge, and hear the details of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the factors leading to World War 1. Hear the stories of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Austro-Hungarian rule, and see its technological, architectural and cultural advancements this country had gone through during the Hapsburg period.

Nicknamed European Jerusalem, Sarajevo has been home for different religions. The city where you can still see a Mosque, a Church and a Synagogue within 150 meters of radius standing as a witness to the humanity of all Bosnians.

Explore with us the rich history, culture and food that this city has to offer.

(Sarajevo walking tour I Tunnel Tour can be separated tours)